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In the last weeks my X-plane 10.45 64 bits (windows 10) crashes in the middle of flights. It is not always in the same route and not always at the same moment. Some times one hour after the takeoff and some other times some minutes after the takeoff. I have uninstalled plugins, but no success with the bug. Could you please help me to solve this annoying problem? (log attached)

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I have the same issue. Freezes/crashes in flight anytime. I have 10.45 & a reasonably good system to run it on. FSX does not do this. Support for X-Plane is pretty non-existent or fruitless as this answer suggests.

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In general, you will not receive a response to a crash or bug report unless we need more information or help reproducing it.

If you do not have exact steps that consistently reproduce the problem, we will not be able to help. There a few more things you can try to find this info.

1. Investigate if there are any common themes when it happens: same plane, same airport, location on the map, etc.

2. See if it's caused by custom scenery. Try "divide and conquer" to narrow down the specific item: remove half and see if the problem persists. Keep removing a chunk of add ons at a time until you find the problem.