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I recently downloaded x-plane version 10.45 on a laptop (Lenovo Yoga 900) that runs on i7, 16GB processor with Intel HD 520 graphic driver. Due to the pixel density of the computer, i usually run x-plane on a reduced resolution to allow the font size to increase. The only way I can do that, however is to go to the "Compatibility' tab on the program "Properties" to check the "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" and also check "Run as Administrator". The application normally starts out ok and runs at good enough fps but few minutes into the game, it will freeze - no response at all until I restart the computer. I have rolled back the graphic driver, installed the most recent update, including the recommended beta driver for the computer without any improvement. I have equally deleted and reinstalled the application and also reset my computer severally without much luck. I am at the verge of discontinuing x-plane completely on the computer unless I get a direction on how to resolve the problem. I have enclosed the most recent log text to see if it can help figure out what is going:

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Hi I am not part of Laminar

Delete your preferences files to reset the sim?

Also you have an integrated graphics card that could be a issue as well.

CPU and GPU temp a problem overheating?

Where is your log text?
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Hi Felix, 

Please try attaching your log.txt again--it didn't work the first time. Does you computer meet X-Plane's hardware specs? Even if it meets the minimums, if you have a lot of detail in your scenery, lots of clouds, etc, it can make it very slow. You could try adjusting the rendering settings. I would recommend trying the medium or low preset buttons and restarting to see if it helps.