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1) How can I set different resolution than the default monitor setting? I know that I can do it while the x-plane is in borderless mode, but that just doesn´t work. Why? I run the sim on my 4k screen and I need the 4k resolution for the air-manager software which run simultaneously with the x-plane. My computer is not powerful enough to run the x-plane at 4k though so I need to lower the resolution down to 1080p. If the x-plane is in the bordered mode I can´t change the resolution and if I try to change the resolution in the borderless mode it changes the resolution of the whole windows system which means that the air manager is changed to 1080p too.. When playing FSX there is no problem to run FSX in 1080p and other programs in 4k at the same time. How can I do it with x-plane?

2) The second problem is that when the x-plane is in borderless mode, the screen flickers everytime when I move the view to any side (I men it like when I "move my head" in the game) but while in the bordered mode, it is completely fine and I don´t notice any big frame rate loss between those modes (max 3 fps different).

Thanks, Petr.

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