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I want to know how can I set up a DME on my cessna 172 please help me out with this because i´ve been tired my self and i could not found the way to do it

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You would need to add the instrument to the aircraft panel in Plane Maker. Here is the section of the manual that covers making an instrument panel. I believe you should be able to drag and drop an existing instrument.

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I go to Plane Maker,, Under (STANDARD,, tab),,(PANEL 2D,,,tab) for (CESSNA 172SP)  ,open that,,,,. I don't get the view as per example in instructions . I get a panel nothing like the 172 ,,,,????????
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I've uploaded what I see when I open the default Cessna 2D panel in Plane Maker. If you are seeing something different, please upload a log.txt from immediately after quitting Plane Maker and provide the exact steps you are taking to see it.

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Hi, the panel seems to be empty when I open it

imageDownload file

imageDownload file

EDIT: I'm running x-plane 11 beta


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Go to Plane Maker. Open the stock 172SP and save with a new name. In the left column, open DME and drag to the panel. Make sure you add it to both the 2D and 3D panels. Save the aircraft. Open this new aircraft in X-plane.