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When I attempt to fly the default bell helicopter after I start up the engine, its sounds as if the throttle goes higher and lower repeatedly even with no collective input. When I try to give it collective i have to barely give it any before I get a warning (becasue throttle doesnt increase), however I am able to just barely get it off the ground. When flying and in hover it seems as the throttle does not change according to the collective and just sort of goes in and out at random regardless of collective position. Is there anyway to make sure the autothrottle is mixed with collective or is there a setting I am missing? I have tried to use my fuel mixture to increase or decrease the throttle but with governor on or off it seems as if the auto throttle has a mind of its own or is not functioning at all. 

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I'm not very familiar with helicopters so I do not know the correct behavior. If you believe there may be a bug you can file a report here with as much information as possible.

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I've had the same issue and it persists without my Saitek X45 connected and occurs with all helicopters. This was not an issues until recent revisions as I was successful when I first purchased X-Plane 10 back in the summer.
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I've found a solution. On the Jet Ranger I have installed there's a Governor toggle switch on the Collective. When I turned this off the engine settled. As this toggle isn't available on on all helicopters I set a button on my Joystick for the Governor toggle and I can once again fly the helicopters. The only caveat is that you must now control the engine speed using F1 and F2 or assigning to your joysticks.