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I purchased X-Plane 11 via Steam, and have download a couple default skins, and the Zibo 737. As well as the latest Navigraph airac cycle. I have been unable to get ANY of them to load in-game. I checked and double checked my installation process and everything looked good.  I wondered if this was a Steam issue because I can no longer access my FSX-Steam addons anymore since I got XP11, but Steam support just directed me here. Any advice?

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what process did you do to install airplane

it should be like this

xplane->aircraft->laminar research-> and insert it there

and for plugins  Xplane->resorces->plugins insert it there

and the livery(skin) xplane->aircraft->laminar research-> airplane you have livery for->liveries (something like that) then insert it there

I might have missed a step because I am not near my flight simulator and cant check

let me know if you need any more help.
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I have followed those exact steps. Even tried adding new folders for Zibo. Nothing is working.