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I`m having issues to update my XP11.  "Failure when receiving data from the peer". The Log tells me it didnt reach the server:

Download failed with error: 56 for URL http://cds.r8z5m7k4.ssl.hwcdn.net/X-Plane%2011.05r2/directory.txt.zip?ttl=1541796158&sig=14f89f91611f260156071bc23f7c7c5e

Firewall and Antivirus were disabled.

System is



16gb Ram


After some googling I found out that the Highwind servers that Laminar is using could be the problem. So I fired up my VPN and connected from the US et voila: Everything worked.

I then tried from my mobile provider and got the same connection issue from before.

It seems that Highwinds are Geoblocking parts of Germany. That´s very bad if I rely on them to update my LR product. Any chance of LR talking to the guys over there ?

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