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I have two-computer x-plane setup - 3 screens hooked up to the master machine with controls, and second PC with two 4:3 screens destined to produce G1000 PFD and MFD views.


- it seems most of the flight parameters are transferred to the slave machine but the moving map on the MFD is not moving as if the position update was not transferred, and DME appear also not valid on slave PFD during approach. Is multi-PC x-plane communication dependent on UDP/TCPIP settings?

- it seems impossible to change G1000 settings clicking slave machine bezel buttons, the state change for a blink of eye but then reverts to master machine state. Do I have to change the state using plugin level g1000 commands?

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Hi - Would you please reach out to us at info@x-plane.com for help on this? Thanks!

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