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Config: X-Plane11.26r2, Mac OS X 10.14.1 (Mohave)

There are some "known to x-plane configurator" airports and helipads that cannot be entered into the Garmin 530 flight plan, and even more that cannot be entered into the X-Plane ATC flight plan.  Do I need to report on the scenery gateway, or report on the x-plane issues or is there a work-around?  (These are all K7 region, south Florida points.)

1)  Garmin 530 Flight Planner cannot find 4FD9 - The flight configuration page lists it, but it cannot be added as a waypoint to a flight plan.

2)  X-Plane ATC Flight Plan does not allow X01 Everglades Airpark,  KMKY Marco Island, or the 4FD9 Bowman's Beach Helistop in the waypoints field.

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Hi - Sorry about that! Would you please report that here? Thanks!