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Issue with getting scenery for around PHX, AZ... I am trying to get some realistic scenery and thinking about using something like GMAP....  

Did anyone get GMap working??

Do you know or use anything better??
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Hi John,

I am not up to speed with GMap however I offer the following information which may solve your question.

I am not associated with Laminar Research, X-Plane.Org or have any connection with the product I mention below.

Do a Google search for the follwing product called HD Mesh Scenery V3 for X-Plane 10 by alpilot.  I understand the product has been developed as a replacement for the general X-plane 10 scenery.  The concept is that you download the relevant file for your area, try it and then make make a financial contribution to the developer to the value you think it is worth.

Hopefully the regions (area) covered will meet your needs.

In addition have a look at the X-Plane.Org forum which discusses the product.  The 196 comments can be found at

Hope this helps.

Good flying.