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I wrote this question yesterday but I think it may not have been received by XP support because I can't find any history of it. 

Anyway, I have a issue with flying from or flying in close proximity to LOWI, my frame rates drop from about 30 to practically zero. If I try to load LOWI as the departure airport the system gets as far as loading scenery and then shows "Not responding". No matter how long I wait nothing further happens. I am using the standard XP LOWI airport and Alpilotx scenery. I've flown from many airports in many XP continents and never had this issue.

Hope someone can shed some light in this issue, kind regards, Paul

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I have been unable to reproduce this. Have you been able to recreate this issue with all of your plugins & custom scenery removed?

Try removing your plug ins then custom scenery to see if they are interacting and causing the issue. You can try narrowing it down to the offending plugin or pack by taking half away then checking if the problem’s still there. Keep taking half away until you figure out what’s causing the problem.
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I had exactly the same problem and discovered it was this scenery pack I had installed:

I've since removed all scenery packs by the same author.
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the LOWI approach 26 is problematic - stuttering because of disc activity just at the theshold of runway 26, so you can't smoothly land. I don't have this VFR package and still have such problems. When you depart from LOWI for a circle there is no problem - the scenery is already loaded.

I wish XP was rather focusing on smooth landing of user than loading the tile :)

Any hope for a fix to this?

There are more airports like this :(