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1. When exiting it get stuck on a screen that says starting application, I have to ctrl/alt/del go to task manager "Xplane not responding" end task.
2. ESC will not bring up in flight menu bar (could have something to do with oculus rift vr.
3. when in flight when I try to click flight management computer to enlarge it, it will not enlarge. (again may have something to do with VR.

These problems just started haven't changed anything that I am aware off. Did a clean install even.

Also I have no addons, just purchased it about two weeks ago.

Computer i7 7700k 4.2, 32gb ram, GTX1080 16gb, oculus rift, Windows 10
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I noticed that it has something to do with Oculus rift. May be something in the settings? Open to any ideas.

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