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I was flying on an B737 on XP11:

Certainly, I'm not able to attach all Cockpit functions. For example, I'm not allowed to Switch on the Autopilot... Is there any Option I missed ristricting me to attend all Buttons and Switches?

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All default aircraft are more or less deeply simulated. The autopilot is definitely supposed to work on the default B737. It might be a bug (I think Laminar Research is working on it at the moment), but before filing a bug report, I would suggest you take a look at all the tutorials available on you tube, as this aircraft is pretty complex.
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Thank you for your answer so far.

Same Problem occurs flying a 747. I am not able to start the engines cause i can't attach the battery buttons and Switches (menu Settings before flight: engines off before starting XP11). XP11 shows me another mouse sign as tough i would be able to attach the buttons and switches.

Does anybody else got issues like me? I also got the newest Version of XP11.

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