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How many installation licenses do I get for the $59.99 purchase? Just one license? I would like to install the program in two machines, may I do this without buying the program twice? Thank you.

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Hi Intillactapac,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

There are many instances in this forum where your question has previously been asked.

The official answer from Laminar Research will be a second licence will be required if you are running two copies of the software at the same time.  

When you run the software you have to be connected to the internet at all times.  I understand that the software will perform a "silent" check on the legality of your software as you use it.

Good luck


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Thank you very much Glenn, your comment completely answered my concern. I am sorry, I am new to the program (have not even purchased it yet), and this was my first time in the forum, I guess I did not know how to research well enough. Thank you.
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No need to apologise.  The purpose of this forum is for flight simmers to help other flight simmers instead of bombarding Laminar Research with a particular problem.  Quite often some "useful" information pops up that may help with a problem you are having

Welcome to the world of X-Plane and good luck.

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i belive that you would need to purchase it twice 

it would be best to call xplane and ask them heres there number  1-913-269-0976