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Sitting in an aircraft in VR in X-plane is just a dream. Being someone that has had 2 Strokes years ago, getting a pilots license is out of the question, and my only chance to follow my love of flying is either as a passenger or using x-plane 11. I can be happy that it turned out as it did, that I am able to live as I do, can continue my job without too many handicaps other than the medication that I take causing a bit of shaking in my hands. But that makes using the VR controllers and the laser beam for reaching things past my physical yoke or throttles challenging, as hitting what I want to hit in the distance (aiming, and then staying on it when turning for example a knob), is almost impossible ( like when I have to hit a screw with my screwdriver singlehanded at work). So I resort to the 3d mouse which is wonderfull, and much better than the VR controllers. Only here I have the Problem that unlike the VR controllers that put a green box arround the switch or knob showing that one can do something with it, with the mouse you have to find the up arrow, or the down arrow to then throw the switch or knob in the corresponding direction. It's to "twichy" and not "rough" enough. So with the shakes, it is almost as frustating as the laserbeam. Is there a way that combines both the "roughness" of the laserbeam selections (without the long distance aiming) with the 3d mouse? Eg: Put the mouse on the switch you want, it turns green, and then you can manipulate it with the scroll wheel? That would make it -> Bam!...Finished!... way easier. Or am I missing something in using the controls in VR? Any input would be gratefully accepted, or if there is no other way, then maybe this would be a future idea suggestion, for the "handicaped" users of X-plane 11 - introduce a kind of "roughness" with the 3D mouse. Maybe get rid of the direction arrows completely, put a green box there like with the VR controllers and only use the scroll wheel to make a change. What mouse dosen't have a scroll wheel nowadays? Or maybe click, change, then click again for it to take affect. Thanks, Capt.Pete.

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