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Have had xplane 10 regional since 2012 on a computer that died. Reinstalled on new computer and worked for awhile but now says to put in DVD to unlock and when I do nothing happens. If I try to start xplane with dvd already in drive comes back with error message bad zip file E:\X-Plane 10 Regional - North America/    destination output/preferences.  I purchased the DVD from Amazon and no longer have the product key.


Mike Doernberg
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Hi! Will you please try running the X-Plane installer and choosing "Update X-Plane"? Let us know if that helps!
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I've tried that a couple of times and got the same error message.  I'm pretty sure the disc is damaged, but thanks for the suggestion

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What kind of computer?
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Hi Mike,

Unlike Thomson I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

For starters follow Thomson's advice but you also need to ensure you are installing as the administrator and you may need to ensure your antivirus etc software is temporarily disengaged.  This action should/may find corrupted files and replace them.

If this fails perform a complete deletion of X-Plane a start again.

There is no product or password key for a disc version whether it be XP10 or XP11..  Disc 1 has to be installed in the hard drive at all times. Any product key you think you had for X-Plane would have been a password from the creator of the disc set as a ploy to get you to purchase more of their products at a discount rate. Initially I was caught the same way with my XP11 installation.

However there is a saving grace with XP10 whereby you can use a USB dongle as a substitute for XP10 disc 1.  Details can be found here at

Good luck