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My Log file is attached.  The game never gets past the loading screen.  Have tried running as admin, running in windows 7 mode etc.  I have also tried the xplane32.exe as well as xplane.exe


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Hi there,

I have Windows 10 64bit and it runs flawlessly on there. Your PC specs aren't that great since it barely goes past the required specs on XP website. Your GPU is good but your CPU needs to be upgraded since its clock speed is only 2.6 ghz. You mentioned that it never gets past the loading screen. I think the issue is cooling specifically your CPU. If you are using a stock Intel cooler, XP isn't going to run well. Try downloading Core Temp and see if your temps rise within the startup sequence of XP. Check your PSU as well.

My Specs

Intel i7 [email protected] ghz

MSI Z87-G41 Motherboard

Nvidia GTX 970 4 gb VRAM

Windows 10 64 bit

Hyper 213 Evo CPU cooler

650 watt PSU