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My x-plane 11 is now running from the left monitor (of 3) instead of the center as I want. It was running from the center before and then it began to run from the left monitor and I can't see how to change it. The computer itself runs from the center monitor as it should. The center monitor is the Main monitor in x-plane settings.

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I have two monitors, and I just tried to switch X-Plane from one to the other using the Settings>>Monitor Configuration panel without any issue. You might have to set the center monitor as your main one via the X-Plane settings, or maybe through the Windows/Mac/Linux monitor settings. As I use Windows, I started through the Display Settings in Windows. You just have to play around with the settings a bit, with patience. Let us know how you fared.
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When I view the display settings in Windows they show 1-3-2 with the center monitor as dark blue and number 3. When I select the detect button the numbers displayed on the monitors indicate they are correct. When I open X-plane my main monitor is the center as it should be. The left and right monitors are set using lateral offset to show viewing out the left window and the right window as I desire. That is all good. The only problem is when I choose to start x-plane (which I do from the center monitor) it's main screen opens on the left... and I have to make all choices within x-plane from that monitor. I don't know how to get it to open on the center main monitor. The confusing thing is that when I start my computer it starts from the center monitor as it should. Very confusing. Thank you for your efforts.
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My Windows 10 PC has three monitors, and I run X-Plane on the center one as well.  I did run into some startup problems with XP failing to remember the monitor of my choice.  However, I use only the center monitor for X-Plane, but I hope what I’ve discovered can help.  The key I suspect is X-Plane likes to start on Monitor 1. Therefore, I have my three monitors arranged as 2-1-3 in Windows’ Display setting (with 1 being the center and 3 being Windows’ Main).  My current setting is quite stable, i.e., XP always starting on the center monitor.