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After updating to 11.25, the taskbar is no longer available during flight with most stock aircraft. it does come up when the cursor is moved to the top on the 172 with G1000, but not with the others that I have tried.

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Hi - Would you please update to 11.30 to see if this issue is still present? Thanks!
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I could not update to 11.30, my version says that it is the most current at 11.26r2 (build 112601 64 bit) but I found a fix. Under settings, graphics, Monitor Configuration drop down menu, I selected "Windowed Simulator" instead of "Full Screen Simulator". I am now able to access the tool bar as well as minimize the entire window if needed.
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Hi - When you run the installer application to check for updates, please be sure to click the "Check for Betas" box.