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I just bought a Gaming Laptop with 32Gb Ram, NVIDIA GeFore 4GB, 4K Display and when I installed X-Plane 10 it was no larger than a 480x640 resolution.  When I run it the display looks great but the tool bar character are so tiny that I can't do anything to set the controls or anything else.  How do I fix that?  Thanks

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X-Plane 10 starts in windowed mode by default, IIRC. You can run full screen by going to the rendering settings screen and checking the full screen checkbox.

X-Plane 10 doesn't have a way to scale the user interface for large (4k) monitors though. You might be able to artificially enlarge it by using a lower resolution. (X-Plane 11, on the other hand, has an option to scale the UI to 150% when full screen for example.)