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In FSX we have an aircraft.cfg where we can find several editable command lines to correct excessive yoke imputs or even unrealistic flight models. There is a section named flight tuning where if we alter the default value 1 up and down we change/correct excessive bouncing of the airplane nose. The same can be done to the other axis. How to do that with Xplane? With my personal yoke my 737 is flying like an ultra-light LOL.

Nice 2019 for everybody!

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Hi dirceu,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

X-Plane should not be compared to other flight sim packages. It is a totally different package.

How have you configured your hardware?  The only way is to configure through X-Plane. Don't even try the configuration through the software supplied with each hardware item and don't try and configure through your operating system.

Connect each item individually.  When you do, a picture of that item will appear and should walk you through the configuration of each item slider and or button. You can nominate what you want each button or slider to do.  It will be time consuming.  There are information videos on the x-plane website on the configuration process.  You should also consult the current 11.30 version of the manual found on the web site.

Have a look at the following video link found at  from Michael Brown.  Michael's company is the recommended X-Plane PC suppier in the USA.  He predominantly builds top of the range PCs for X-Plane.  

I understand that version 11.30 when officially released will also give you additional options for configuration.  Have a look at this link found at 

As a sideline issue you can configure  each joystick, yoke, and pedals etc for individual aircraft without having to repeat the configuration every time you fly a different aircraft.

Good luck in the tedious process.