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I would like to purchase the latest version of XP11 on dvd.  I currently have a very old XP10 version, which I haven't use for several years now and I'm getting ready to set up my FS once again.  

Is the digital version better to buy vs the actual dvd's?  One thing I don't like is having to leave the disc in the drive.

Please advise on this subject and let me know how to buy.

Thank you!

Dave Himbert

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Hi Dave,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

Like you I started with XP10 and now ventured to XP11.  My system is currently mothballed as well.

The disc version of XP11 also requires disc 1 to be installed in a disc drive.  Unfortunately XP11 does not have a USB dongle that substitutes for disc 1.   I have raised the issue with Laminar and their advice is this is not on their "to do" list.

The design and configuration of computers are changing very quickly.  If you purchase a new PC these days they are generally supplied without a DVD drive.  To have one installed would be an option predominantly for a purpose built machine.

So, the bottom line option is to purchase a digital download. Depending on the supplier of the DVD disc set the only advantage you will get are a few extra discs with additional aircraft.  because I have no interest in these aircraft I have not installed them

Provided you purchase the official and original digital download from Laminar Research ie not the 3rd party Steam hybrid, you will have your copy of virtually immediately (depending on download speed).  I would suggest you setup a backup copy of the software in a safe place along with product password key details.  I understand you will receive an email  message regarding your purchase.  This message should include your password key.

I also understand you have to be connected to the internet at all times when running the digital download as the software performs a "silent" check on the  validity of your software at various times and you are not running two versions at the same time.  Others have reported in this forum that they have to re-enter their password key on the odd occasion so it is important to have that number located in an easy access location.

Where to buy?  Go to the Laminar Research (X-Plane) website at  Click on "Buy it" and follow the instructions.

Good luck and welcome to X-Plane 11 world.


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Has anyone tired creating a disk image of DVD 1 and keeping it mounted on the desktop, hopefully rendering the need for the actual DVD 1 and the drive going forward?
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Hi David,

Like you I am frustrated that a substitute USB dongle is not available for XP11 as was/is the case for XP10.

In a private message Laminar Research has advised me that the creation of a USB dongle to substitute for DVD1 is of low priority.

What I have been advised by others in the meantime is to try and create an ISO disc or USB thumb drive.  In my search through Dr Google there is suitable software but my interpretation of the information relates to creating an iso image from a single file and not from the total contents (including hidden files) on a dvd drive as is the case with DVD 1 for XP11.  I haven't tried the methodology as yet.

In the meantime I found this site within the last hour at

If you do have some success I would be interested in a response.