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I have installed XP 11 on my Macbook Pro, Saitek Flight Yoke and Saitek (Cessna) Rudders. All works great, very easy installation and calibration. But during the sim the rudders do not function. The brakes work and you see the pedals move up and down for the brakes, but the steering of the rudder wing do not work at all and accordingly the front wheel does not turn being on the ground. The data-output also do not show any movement indicators. This will the calibration of the axis went perfect (you see the blue line going left and right whilst pushing the rudders, so the Saitek does work). Strangly enough being in the air, the rudder works (from external view you see the wing going left and right accordingly), but the pedals inside still do not move. A very strange situation.

Does anyone have an answer or solution?

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I have the log.txt file is that is any use. How do I attach this to the message?

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I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Have a look at the answer I provided in this link found at

Use the concept for the saitek product.

Good luck


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Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your help and advice.

I worked out the problem, I just made a mistake myself it seemed. The rudder axis were linked to rudder-trim instead of yaw. Beginners mistake. I'm sorry.


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Hi Marc,

Good to know you are operational.

No need to be sorry.  Hopefully somebody will help me if I have a problem

Cheers and happy flying