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Ur sys sez connection is slow... si....because I'm in Mexico this winter and sys is trying to connect to somewhere in Canada.  Curious?

Yes I know the the connection is slow.  The installer loads up OK and seems to start... but almost immediately it quits with the above message.  So I guess the question is how might I do an update on a slow network (i.e. 2-3 meg per second) ??????  FYI - I have not had this problem with any other providers down here such as netflix for watching movies... or my banking services from Canada.  Speed with vpn or without vpn seems fine at 2-3 meg per second.

I'm doing an educational (totally voluntary free) program for economically challenged youth here called "With God as My Co-pilot" and I would really like to do the update to X-plane 11.26 now and hopefully so to 11.30 shortly.    Any helpful suggestions of things I might try before I need to get into a full diagnostics thing with you?

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Hi Terry - Would you please send in your installer log file so that we can take a look? Thanks!