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I own three copies of XP 11, installed on three PCs in a multi PC setup. I am currently only running two of them. Each is installed on a separate PC. I have just tried to update both of these copies. The updates appear to complete but then end with a message to contact support.

I not running anti-virus software and Windows 10 Firewall is turned off. I have a fast, reliable, fibre-optic internet connection.

I have run the update several times, always with the above result. Sometimes the message also says 'Failure when receiving data from the peer'.

One of the non-updated copies of XP on one PC is still working since the update attempt but the other now fails to run, with the message, 'Missing aircraft Stinson L-5 Sentinel Run the update to restore the missing file'

I would be grateful for any help you might be able to give. Please let me know if you need any further details, e.g my product keys. I know what the three product keys are but I am not sure which one is associated with which PC.


Barry LeCore

[email protected]

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The item that will provide the most information is copies of the installer log.txt from each machine that had issues updating. If it is a default file (like the Stinson) you can try deleting the problem file or folder and trying to update again. We see this most often with file permission issues.
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I´m experiencing the same issue for a while now. This is my installer log: