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Hi i have 2 video cards 2080ti with sli

i own 3 monitors Asus with Gsync 2 are connected via video port and one via hdmi

When i run xplane and setup 3 monitors the 2 that are connected at the video port starts flashing

I found the solution to change the resolution minus 1 to the monitors right and left but frames droped to 7

mt pc is a RYZEN 2990WX 32-core 3Ghz

128 mb ram

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Hi kestrielias1,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Firstly unless there has been a dramatic change with XP 11.30, X-Plane does not run in SLI mode. So you need to disconnect that system.

Secondly as you have a top of the range graphics card run all screens from the single most powerful card you have.  Connect the screens to the Display Ports on your card and the HDMI ports on your screens.

Configure your screens within X-Plane and not through your operating system or using GSync.  Read the manual which can be found at

Also have a look at the video listing from Russ Barlow which can be found at  In particular have a look at videos dealing with multiple screens produced about 2 years ago and the last video to view was produced about 12 months ago.

Good luck