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Has Orbx and xplane have something against Australia? as i cant seem to find any files on Australia scenery, orbx has one which is broome and that is it for x plane 11. Or am I looking in the wrong places?

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Hi wiz66

No you're not looking in the wrong place, this issue is something that has often amazed me, given that ORBX is an Australian company!!

Is there a strong simmer base down under, for if there is, you would have thought ORBX would have supported it more rigorously?

Very good for me though, I live in the UK lol

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Hi wizz66

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer downunder.

Orbx has had the attitude until recently X-Plane does not exist.  For some reason they have now realised that X-Plane has a large following.

Although there is a commercial outlet in Brisbane I have been receiving information from PC Aviator based in the USA offering me Orbx software suitable for X-Plane.  Of those packages I have a vague memory that there may have been one or two items for Australia.  At this stage I have declined the offers as they do not cover my flight area of interest.

I would suggest you make direct contact with Orbx in Perth.