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I'm using the latest beta and discovered a while back that the AP button is no longer on the Auto Pilot for the Cessna 172.  I'm not much of an FMS guy just yet but wonder if that's a permanent change or do I have to refresh something to get it back?
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I have exactly the same problem. I have set a joystick button which switches joystick on but the it doesn’t switch off when required. I understand that the AP is now a different brand than the previous. Any ideas?

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I map a joystick button to “Servos toggle”.  That disengages the AP.

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Yes in the new version 11.30 (if this is what you are referring to?) they have now installed a new autopilot called S-Tec 55 into the Cessna 172 (and possibly other aircraft), which is somewhat different from the original version.

I tried out the new autopilot version yesterday for the first time, but it was acting in a completely alien way to what I was used to and frankly I couldn't get my head around it. A new manual for this would therefore come in handy!!

Because of this however, and because of numerous other issues I have been experiencing relating to the navigation systems G530 & G1000 in the Cessna 172 and Beechcraft Baron 58, I've decide to go back to X Plane 11.25 for now until these things can get sorted out :-(

For example, I tried to land at Luton EGGW on RWY08 on the ILS twice (with everything set up as required) and the system crashed me into the ground twice well short of the runway. This never happened before, never had any issues like this??


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The new version of X-Plane 30 uses a newer design auto pilot, follow this YouTube link explain everything about the changes.

copy and paste below link into youtube search window 

 X-Plane 11.30 Cessna 172 S-Tec Autopilot Tutorial 

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No link included.  When I search Youtube for that 11.30 Cessna 172 S-Tec tutorial, the AP button is on that model AP.  I've also watched that tutorial before and it's not helpful at all for turning AP on and off.
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Yes, when you listen to the author, he does say he filmed this video before the update and mention that the AP on/off button is no longer seen on the newer version,and talks you thru how to set up your yoke button as an disengage switch.

the author is:Philipp Ringler