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I downloaded the new x-plane 11.30 update, ran the install and now receive an error message when starting x-plane that states "unable to load shader file"  what do i do now?

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Me, too.  I tried to uninstall the Program and am unaboe to reinstall from DVD.  Get the same message.  Now I have NO X-Plane at all.

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I have the same problem. It's really disgusting. And there's no answer or solution for this problem. Nobody answers...
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so .... I guess we have not way to recover the program - I don't see any answers from x-Plane
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Well, you know... when in trouble... back to basics. Go to X-Plane 11/Output and rename the folder preferences (something like preferences_old). Start X-Plane and it will create a new preferences folder with standard preferences. That probably will fix your problem and the simulator will work.

Then you can try passing each document, one by one, from preferences_old to the new one, to determine which one had the problem. In my case, X-Plane.prf, which is the one with graphics and sound settings. But with the new one things go fine. So, I consider my problem solved.

[EDITED] I think the problem is with HDR graphics. When I move the graphics quality to high(HDR) the same message appears.
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add on to my comment - I just re-ran the install program and ..... bingo, I have x-Plane back - x-Plane 11.30 r3 build 11304 64-bit ..... yeah!

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