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After updating X-plane to 11.25 AND installing World Traffic 3, X-plane fails to start at the end of the load cycle with the following error:

There is no moon.png file in that folder but there is a moon.dds

PLEASE HELP! Game will not run!

P.S. - How can I attach my log.txt file?

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Hello Sir,

I am also suffering from this same issue, I loaded into the sim this morning, set up a flight but it crashed before I spawned in and LOWI. Upon restarting the simulator it provided me with the same message as you. I force updated my sim twice to ensure any missing files are returned but to no avail.

I was wondering if you had found a fix to this problem in the time since you asked the question?

If not I can always reinstall however that would he a bit of a hassle.

Have a good day!


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If you use the Steam version, you should try verifying the file integrity option. If you used the X-Plane installer to get the sim, use the installer again and pick the "update" option. These options will scan the install and repair any missing or modified default files.

If that still doesn't help, I would recommend removing the add on next. I do not have a moon.png file at that location in my clean, default install of X-Plane but it is still working.

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