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posted last week about this and still haven't resolved. Reading on another post said to move the zip file and un zip it but I don't even know where it is or see it anywhere in the x plane folder. very frustrating and tedious to waste so much time trying to figure out what should be a simple problem, ready to move back to my 2002 copy of Microsoft flight sim

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Hi mcb047

I believe that we corresponded about this same issue last week, but originally I wasn't entirely sure what .zip file you were referring to? However following a bit of research, I believe that you must be referring to the X-Plane 11 Installer.zip file that you've downloaded from LR's website as a prelude to installing your DVD set, is this correct?

If I have assumed correctly then, I have prepared a number of instructional slides that may be of assistance, per the following link :- http://questions.x-plane.com/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=13947459617875415157

Also please refer to this link, which is Laminar Research's instructions on how to install the DVD set:- https://www.x-plane.com/kb/how-to-install-x-plane-from-dvd/

I think the main issue that your having though, is how to download and unzip the X-Plane Installer.zip file, which is where my slides may help?

If you need any further information, please just let me know?


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Thank you

I wasn't sure what zip drive I was referring to either because it just said unable to open because zip drive is missing or damaged. It didn't say what zip drive. So I followed your instructions exactly and came to the same result. When I run X plane it says I have X plane 11.0 installed and an update is available. If I try ignore the program opens and I hear a plane running and see the propeller but nothing else besides a few random lights. I tried taking off to see if it would change the view but it didn't. If instead I click Update X plane Now it continues down the path to then say a zip file is missing or damaged.
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Thanks for the update, all noted but I'm more confused than ever lol:-)

Can I assume that when you are loading X-Plane 11 itself or trying to run the X-Plane Installer app, that you have Disc 1 in the DVD ROM tray all of the time? This is a must!

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yes disk 1 is in at all times
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It seems to me as though a number of folders/files maybe missing, or have gotten into a mess one way or the other?

I'm not sure if you've tried this, for at this stage you really haven't got anything to lose, but it may be worth completely deleting your entire X-Plane 11 directory and starting over by downloading the Demo version from LR's website. Hopefully this will atleast get your file structure sorted out!

Once downloaded, you should then be able to put Disc 1 in the DVD ROM tray to activate the download, just so that you can get a stable version running, before attempting any further updates.

Not sure what you think?

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Ok maybe making progress here. I deleted all Xplane off computer and then just tried to install the actual demo and encountered the same problem. So it must mean something with my computer is not allowing it?
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My video card is Intel HD Graphics 1664 MB total memory 32 MB VRAM current display mode 1920x1080 32bit 60hz AOC 2436 monitor HDR not supported. Is this a problem?
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From looking at your Log.txt file, it appears that you do indeed have an Intel HD Graphics 2000 GPU processor, which is not a dedicated graphics card, but part of the CPU die itself.

The Intel i7 2600 3.4 GHz CPU is a 2nd generation 'Sandy Bridge' variant, which was first introduced to the market in 2011.

If you take a look at the requirements for X-Plane 11 https://www.x-plane.com/kb/x-plane-11-system-requirements/ then you will see that the minimum VRAM is stated at 1GB, which is borderline in your case.

Another requirement is that the GPU should be DirectX 11 capable, which unfortunately yours isn't @ only 10.1 capability.

On top of that, the Log file suggests that the amount of physical RAM that you have is only 8GB, which whilst doable, is again borderline.

Lastly, if High Dynamic Ranging (HDR) is not supported, then this won't help you get the best out of X-Plane 11 either.

With all of the above in mind, you may wish to consider an upgrade?

Hope this helps?


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