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Hi my x plane 10 no longer runs. For the first time, I have a windows 'activation' box which prompts me for a serial code. My version of x plane runs from disks. there is no serial code on the disks or the original box or paper instruction manual. the simulator had been working fine for years.

what code do i need to enter?


jonathan matthews

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Hi Jonathon,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

I also have the disc version of X-Plane 10 like you.  There is no activation code with the disc version.  You have to have disc 1 installed in your disc drive at all times.  The same applies for X-Plane 11 disc version

To preserve the integrity of all of my discs I purchased a "home use"  USB dongle from Laminar Research as a substitute for Disc 1.  I works without any problems. 

If you think your disc is damaged then contact Laminar Research to arrange a possible replacement at i[email protected]

Happy flying