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After 11.30 was installed, the Garmin 530 autopilot AP key no longer exists on Cessna 172SP.  Autopilot constantly on.
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I had the same problem in the 172.  Found that hitting trim tab disengages HDG, NAV, and ALT functions of the autopilot. Also can't activate ALT function unless HDG or NAV already activated. The update is not an improvement here but I can get used to it. Other aircraft still have the AP button. Hopefully they still work.

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Try mapping a joystick button to “Servos toggle”.  That disengages the AP.

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still want to remove update 11.30 and return to the previous update
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I’m afraid that is not possible with X-Plane.

What I understand is there are only up to two versions of X-Plane that you can download: The latest Release, and a newer Beta, if available.  Since 11.30 is considered a Release, that makes it the one and only at this time.

I always backup my entire X-Plane folder structure, less “Custom Scenery” (just too huge), before accepting any X-Plane update.
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Agree with comments from Disc above, you won't be able to download Version 11.25 now, so the only way to get that version back is from a backup of the X Plane folder/file structure if you have one?

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