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After I updated to the 11.30 update, whenever I load into an airport for which I have custom scenery, X-Plane will get stuck in the loading menu while loading "Loading new scenery files", and after a while, it'll freeze my PC. I've never had this issue before in 11.26 and it's utterly annoying, as I can't fly this way.

After taking a look into my log.txt I came to the conclusion that it has something to do with spill lights. Whenever X-Plane starts "Loading new scenery files" and will freeze my PC, the last log message is: "0:03:16.364 W/SCN: Spill light with size 0 detected. The light is skipped, which is probably not the intended behaviour, check your OBJ!." In this case for my KSLC scenery ("0:03:16.364 W/SCN: Custom Scenery/KSLC Salt Lake City Intl by ShortFinal/Misc/Light_Flood_3.obj:1014:"). It doesn't matter which airport I try, every airport will give me this error.

Please help me! Here is the full copy of my log.txt uploaded on pastebin:

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Hi Daan, Thanks for your question! Would you please try removing all of your plugins and then trying again? Thanks!