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Hi currently flying the zibo 737X Mod - Easy Jet and BA Liveries. My sim always seems to crash without any warning when I reach the top of my climb. I am taken completely out if the sim and straight back to my desktop The plugins that I have installed but are:

124th ATC- disabled

X Camera - disabled

Better Push Back - enabled

AVITab - enabled

Terrain Radar - enabled, off during cruise enabled on approaches with surrounding terrain.

3 out of 3 flights have crashed on route EGAA - EGPF. Date, time and weather conditions are set to track real world. Xplane default weather.

System Specs are as follows: GTX 1050 TI, I3 8TH GEN @ 3.6 (not overclocked), RAM 8GB ( upgrading to 16GB) HDD 1TB, SSD 250GB. Xplane 11 is the Steam version, currently installed on HDD.





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Hey - Would you please try removing all of your plugins (from Resources -> Plugins) and then restarting X-Plane? let me know if that fixes this for you!
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Hi removed plugins, ran great for a few days flew again tonight EGAA - EGPF no heavy weather. Flight time was at 18:18 mid cruise it crashed straight to desktop. Not sure what the issue is here no drop in fps etc. Before crash. I checked the log file and no crash detected

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