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Hi, I recently purchased X-Plane 10 and downloaded it to my desktop. My OS is Windows 10 / 64 bit.

I tried the trial version first and it worked OK. Now I do the quick flight setup and then the next window says I have no scenery and all I will see is water. I click OK and the next window comes up and the loading progress bar at the bottom starts to move and then stops. Nothing happens and when I go to close the window I get "X-Plane not responding".

Also I have noticed on my desktop I have 2 folders, one is "X-Pane 10 Demo" and the other is "X-Plane installer log". I would have thought when I purchased the program that I would have an X-Plane icon on my desktop. As it is I have to open the Demo folder and then go down and double click X-Plane.

Obviously I need help. Could you please advise me in simple steps how to get it so that I can go flying.

I am a life member at Tyabb airport South East of Melbourne Australia, and as such would like to have this airport and scenery for my flying.

Looking forward to your help,

Rick Polley.

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Hi Rick, 

Currently, if you have the X-Plane demo, when you purchase the full sim you have to re-install it separately. I would recommend you delete the demo folder first, then use the full installer found here to install a full sim with scenery. You'll need your digital download product key email or DVD set to install scenery. We recommend you install only a little scenery at first (maybe a continent or two) and add more later so it takes less time to get flying.