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How do I assign two (Saitek) quadrant levers to act as ‘start levers’ for 737-800 Engine 1 and Engine 2 (on-screen titled ‘Condition Lever 1’ and ‘Condition Lever 2’) in X-Plane 11?


I’m a newcomer to X-Plane but have looked as best I can and can’t find any reference to this function. I’ve found several other actions available to assign to the Saitek quadrants.


If it is available, by what name is it shown?  If not, could it be made available in a future release?  The start levers seem fundamental to 737-800 operation and, in any case, are awkward to manage on screen.


Many thanks for any help you can provide.

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Hi Andrew,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Firstly you need to ensure you install and configure your saitek products within X-Plane.  They will not work any other way.  Not even through your operating system.  Other flight sim packages require the saitek software,

Delete and dump the Saitek software.

How to do the installation?  I would suggest you have a look at the following video link by Michael Brown found at Michael is the recommended supplier/builder of PCs suitable for X-Plane by Laminar Research within the USA.

Apply the process described by Michael and scroll down through the list/choices list available as shown in the video,

Good luck  


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Glenn:  Many thanks for setting me on the right road!  YT video very helpful and straightforward.

737 Speedbrake, Throttle & Flaps now assigned to Saitek quadrant levers.  Looking now to do the same for engine 1 & 2 'fuel cut-off'/'engine start' levers (whichever is the correct name) but can't find these in the assignment lists where I found the above-mentioned controls.

More involved work to be done here I fear!
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Just found this comment:

answered Sep 1, 2017 by jroberts (19.3k points) 
selected Sep 4, 2017 by taylorsong

"No controls for fuel appear in the drop down list for axes so you will not be able to assign it to an axis"

Would Laminar Research consider making this a Feature Request?

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Hi Andrew,

Glad to know that something does work for others.

Happy flying.