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I am trying to design helicopter through plane maker and test it, in order to make school report about some aerodynamics and physics. However, when I searched for designing helicopter with x-plane's plane maker, I couldn't find any information about making helicopter through plane maker. Is it possible to make helicopter and test it? Also, if it is possible, is there manual about how to do so? And if it is impossible to make and test helicopter through x-plane and plane maker, what would be possible alternative ways or programs I can use to do so?

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Throughout this text, there will be cross-references to other parts of the manual, as well as hyperlinks to web pages. These will be formatted as blue text. The Table of Contents is also cross-referenced; click on the section you’re looking for to travel there instantly. To search for a specific term or set of words, press “ctrl” (“command” on a Mac) + “f” to be taken to the term anywhere in the document.

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Excuse me, but I think it is linked to wrong website. I can't find anything from website when I followed the link
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Along with the Plane Maker manual, you'll also need to have a lot of information about the helicopter. You'll probably want to find info on all its specs: speeds, weight, dimensions, etc. That will require a lot of research on your part. Or you could consider modifying an existing aircraft if the copyright allows it.