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Since the 11.30 update the Yoke is only moving within the following parameters:

Elev: -1.000 full down / -0.9733 full up

Ailrn: -1.000 full left / -0.9707 full right

This happens with all joysticks I use alternatively (PFC and Saitek AV8R)

In version 11.26 all worked well.

In P3D the joysticks work well.

What can I do to solve the problem?

Many thanks for a hint as the sim is not flyable with this problem.

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Hi Oliver,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

All Saitek products and possibly other brands have to be installed through X-Plane otherwise they won't work.

Have a look at the following link at   from Michael Brown at XForcePC.  Michael owns a business that builds PCs predominantly for X-Plane.  This company is the recommended supplier of PCs suitable for X-Plane by Laminar Research.

Hope this helps. If it doesn't then lodge a bug report as detailed in the following link found at

Good luck.


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many thanks Glenn, the Saitek is working now but the PFC yoke has still a problem and I've posted a new question