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Hello support,

my x52 Pro HOTAS is not recognized within the game (version 11.30), installed 2 days ago.

Newest driver and Plugin for WIN10 (Logitech) installed, system sees the x52, other games dont have problems with the stick at all.

At the "Einstellungen/Joystick" Screen I have following situation:

So, no button pre-assignments, no pic of device.

The PLUGIN is installed:

Also in the "Resources/joystick configs" directory evertything seems to be complete:

I have the Steam Version of the game,suspicios that this could have an effect oh this issue...

Please, can you help me?


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Read the answer I have just provided in the following link at

Also have a look at another respected flight simmer found at  

As a side issue I do not support the Steam version of X-Plane.  It is a 3rd party hybrid not linked in any way with the official and original version of X-plane taking a commercial advantage of the development work carried out by Laminar Research

Good luck in solving your problem.