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Hi, I have a Thrustmaster TFlight HOTAS X and I am flying x737. I have configured all controls for the stick and I have been playing them quite well for some time. After installing WorldTraffic 3, I observed that the controls changed!

I was flying and about to land the plane when the input to the controller wasn't how I expected them to be. I continued with the approach but to no avail. Initially, I thought it was the game trying to challenge me with some failures but when I checked the control mapping, they did change!

The throttle controls swapped with the pitch controls. Throttle up will make the plane pitch up. Throttle down is the same. Pitch up is throttle up and pitch down is the same.

When I un-install the controller and re-install it, it works again. But after some time, the controls change again. It's driving me crazy!

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Did you installed the driver for Thrustmaster TFlight Hostas X ?

1.Here you can find it ->

2.Also, have a look at world traffic 3 and check if that is your problem.

3. Klick the windows button and seach "control panel". Choose your joystick and click characteristics and calibrate your Joystick.

4. Go to Joystick in X Plane 11 options. Than click to default settings to reset your Joystick!

If you dont get a difference, please contact Thrustmaster Support!
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Hi janreynold,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

If your problem started after World Traffic 3 then remove the product and restart XPlane.

If the problem is solved then you need to take your problem to the developer of the 3rd party product.

Good luck

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that was not my quenstion Glenn. I gave him only an answer.

best regards

Marius ;D
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Hi Marius,

I have sent you a private message.