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I know you can use a button to bring up the ATC window, but I can't see any way to then continue to use a single button to interact with ATC. I know you can use your mouse, but this is a pain and a bit un-realistic.

I am sure this was possible in XP10.

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Hi Scottish Wings

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but when you say 'interact with ATC', do you mean X-Planes internal ATC dialogue window?

If yes, then please click on following link, in which I have prepared three slides:-

1. How to assign a joystick button to open the ATC dialogue window

2. How to assign a keyboard key to open the ATC dialogue window (default is the Enter/Return key)

3. The ATC dialogue window opened by pressing the keyboard Enter/Return key

I hope that I have understood you correctly, but if not, please advise further?


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Thanks, yes this is great for bringing up the ATC window, what I am looking for is a way to the then interact with ATC using the PTT button on my yoke, like in real life. At the moment I have to use my mouse. So after everytime ATC gives an instruction, I just click on my PTT button and reply.  Hope that makes sense.
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Hi again

Just found a similar post to yours dating back 2 years ago, along with LR's reply.

Basically it does not appear that it is possible to reply to ATC by the press of a button etc., but the guy from LR stated that he would 'file a feature request'.

Watch this space I guess!