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I updated Xplane and loaded it back up as usual. When it asked for a purchase confirmation, I realized I lost my Disk 1. Is there an easy way to get a replacement? Is there a way I could get the individual disk or a online code instead of buying a whole new set? Thanks

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Hi Jackson11,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

The short quick answer is "yes you can".

I presume you are commenting about the official version of X-Plane from Laminar Research and not Steam version.  They are not the same product.  Steam is not sold by Laminar research.

I am a little confused in my interpretation of your opening comment and assume that you have purchased and loaded a disc version of X-Plane.

To get a replacement disc you need to make a direct contact with Laminar Research starting at [email protected]

Good luck