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I may just a little crazy but it seems that the nose wheel steering in the default C-90 is non existant. I seem to remember it having a decent turn radios but now it doesnt want to turn at all. Compaired with the rest of the default aircraft the C-90 has a really bad turn radious on the ground. Not at all like in real life and I want to say it was normal at one point. Anyone have any thoughts? There is nothing in the cockpit for the NSW (nose wheel steering).

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Hi Silentraven

I'm not with Laminar Research, just another flight simmer in the UK, but I had a look through the King Air C90B handbook supplied by X-Plane and there does not appear to be any reference to 'nose wheel control'.

However, my first thought was that steering under taxiing conditions would be done by the rudder and when I loaded a King Air C90B for flight in X-Plane 11, sure enough, I can turn a full 360 degrees within the width of the runway, just by using the rudder!

This is the same as the twin engine Beechcraft Baron 58.

Have I understood your question correctly?

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Yup, and I used to be able to on mine as well, but something changed and now the nose wheel steering (using the rudder as that is the only method for the C-90) is useless pretty much. The nose wheel will only deflect what looks like about 3-5 degrees. Where as before I noticed this issue and as you can on yours I used to be able to turn on a dime, it wsa very responsive...Not any more. I wonder what changed.
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Hi Silentraven,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

If something is now missing from a previous version I would suggest you lodge a "bug" report.  Details can be found here at

Good luck