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I want to fly the gyrocopter ELA 07S model but it has not been upgraded for X-Plane 11. The developer has stated that he is no longer supporting the model.

A forum user has successfully upgraded the model and gave me the following advice.

"I had the same error in X-Plane 11 and read on the forum about possibly updating older flight models, by loading them into a slightly later versions of X-Planes Planemaker. I believe it must be a close version of Planemaker to read the .acf file. So I loaded the ELA  07S into X-Plane 10.52.2   Planemaker and that read the .acf file and updated it. Then I loaded the X-Plane 11.0 version used that to read the.acf file and it worked!  It also runs in X-Plane 11.30."

So my question is how can I upgrade the old format .acf file for the gyrocopter so it is compatible with V11?



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