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Will Thrustmaster USB  rudder pedals work with a PFC Cirrus II on a system running Xplane 9 connected separately from the PFC unit?

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Hi p5744d,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

I am of the opinion that you should seriously think about upgrading X-Plane. You are trying to connect something new with something extremly old.

Laminar Research does sell XP9 in a disc version but all of their work is concentrated on XP11.   The digital download version is no longer available. In a nut shell I am of the opinion that XP 9 is no longer officially supported.

If you were to upgrade to XP11 there is a new UI (user interface) that makes the installation/configuration of pedals like the thrustmaster unit extremely easy.  This is one of the new "gems' built into XP11.  You have to install through x-plane and disregard any software supplied with the pedals and or your operating system

What you have spent or plan to spend on the pedals is more than what you will spend on XP11.

Just had a look at the PFC website.  They are selling X-Plane 9 professional version with the console.  This software should have been updated probably through XP10 to the current version of XP11.  

Have you purchased the console yet?  If not, I am of the opinion it is antiquated hardware.  Try and contact them and ascertain why they are selling XP9 instead of XP11 as the software of choice.  For what you will be paying for or have paid for the console you deserve better and I consider your are being or have been dudded.

Good luck