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I have calibrated my rudder pedals via the thrustmaster firmware

When I start xplane I do not see the rudder pedals in settings

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Hi edsanauto

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK.

I have checked the available flight control calibration files in X-Plane 11 and there is one for the Thrustmaster TFRP T-Flight Rudder Pedals setup, as per the photo below:-

As far as the TPR Thrustmaster's Expert Pendular Rudder System is concerned, there does not appear to be a configuration file for this? See photo below:-

Having said that, my understanding is that any USB flight control device should work, as long as you only calibrate it within X-Plane 11's own joystick settings page.

If you have used any third party 'Thrustmaster' software, then please uninstall this completely and start over using X-Plane itself to calibrate.


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Thanks so much for your answer which is spot on.

I did as you suggest and the pedals work perfectly. Fantastic pedals!

Should be for the price!

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Brilliant, glad all is OK, the pedals seem very expensive so hopefully you can now enjoy using them!

If you found my post of assistance, I would be very grateful if you could consider proving me with a positive upvote (or best answer), as suggested on the Q&A forum webpage?

Kind regards and Happy Trails :-)

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