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Hi  just recently I realized that I am missing huge amounts of general aviation airports and some larger ones in the USA and Canada like KPHX, Omaha Nebraska, smaller airports like Elbow Lake MN. I am sure these should in with original install from the X-Plane 10 DVD's, should they not? Did I screw something up with an update?

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During the installation of X-Plane you can choose the scenery you want to install. You can read more in Quick Start Guide (#7) here.

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I know I choose which scenery I wanted to load and it worked for the past 6 months, then all of a sudden all my scenery was gone except a few major airports. I have been using X-plane 10 for a few years now, I am quite familiar with the installation process.
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If you have installed the scenery for the area, and you have some airports but not others, I would guess it's a problem with an update or custom scenery.

Can you recall what you may have updated or changed that caused the problem? In 10.45 we did introduce airport exclusion by ICAO code as a way to keep custom scenery from conflicting with global airports from the Gateway.