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When starting the executable icon it reads all the start information, and in the end the program does not start, it detects me problems with GSLS, which annex. What can I do to solve this conflict?

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I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but a couple of questions:-

1. The .glsl files referred should be located in the C:\X-Plane 11\Resources\shaders folder, have a look in File or Windows Explorer to see if they are they actually present?

2. Have you rerun the X-Plane 11 Installer program again, as suggested in the message?

3. Have you checked to make certain that your hardware configuration (especially your graphics card) meets the required minimum specification as per the following link:-

4. If all hardware meets minimum requirements, have you updated your graphics card drivers?

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Hi !
After the last upgrade (from 11.30 to 11.31r1 (build 113100 64-bit)
) i experianced the same problem. I've made a clean install of x-plane (11.30) and everything works oke, after upgrading this clean installation of x-plane  to 11.31r1 (build 113100 64-bit)
 I still have the same problem.
Graphics card NVIDIA GTX 660 Ti (2 GB), Windows 7, Quad core 8GB (intel). All drivers up to date.
I hope this will answer  the questions 1 .. 4 :)
I've used x-plane for years and this is the first time I'm not able to fix it myself.
Couldn't find the possibillity to downgrade to 11.30.

Pardon my englisch,
W Winter :)
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Hi again

Firstly, your English is fine, thank you :-)

I note that your PC specification is at Laminar Research's minimum requirements, but as you have had X-Plane 11.30 running previously, I doubt that hardware is the issue here.

1. You stated above that you 'made a clean install of X-Plane 11.30 and everything worked OK', so is it possible for you to make this same clean install again?

2. When you get the 'BE ADVISED' message, did you click on the 'Understood' button and if so, what happened?

3. Your X-Plane Installer Log file suggests that X-Plane 11 launched successfully, so it may be worth having a look at the X-Plane 11 Log.txt file as well. Can you upload this?

4. Alternatively, it might be best to submit a bug report to LR, along with both log files as above.

Kind regards