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I'm having this trouble over and over, no matter what solution I try. I ran the installer again and nothing was updated or installed, I updated the graphics driver (GTX 1070 Windforce OC), nothing works. Log.txt attached:

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Remove all add ons and see if it still happens. Some add ons (such as Fly Inside) modify our shaders and cause problems.
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I've searched before about this issue, I dont have Fly Inside.

The fact is that I did a full flight yesterday and the issue didn't happen, but I have chosen a route with light sceneries. Do you think that this problem has anything to do with memory limitations?

I watched the memory usage during procedures at SBGL, witch is the airport where the issue always happen, I have several plug-ins, the total amount of used memory is about 11GB/more out of 16GB, and memory load measures about 90% and more, when the issue happens, the memory load jumps to 100%. I'll try to make a memory upgrade from 16GB to 24GB and watch what happens. Do you think that this could be the issue cause?
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Have you removed ALL plugins to see if that helps? Right before shader info is listed in the log, the line is for 124thATC. It could be them or any of the other plugins. The cheapest and easiest thing to try first it to see if a clean, default installation with no add ons does it. If it does, then something in your system might be the cause, otherwise I'd suspect the add ons.
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Can anyone tell me how to go back to v 11.26? since Flyinside isn't supporting past 11.26, I screwed myself by upgrading to v11.30. Now my Vive won't work without Flyinside.